Monday, May 25, 2009

The most awesome

These are not in order, in fact some are opposite of order. You should start at the bottom! go on.. scroll all the way down... Ill wait here for you. <3 Cheese, until it clogs the <3.

mmmm homemade chili

shot glass of chili and cheese and sr cream!

FINISHED!!! yum.. no that peice of bread does NOT count!

I must....finish....burger...(s)

Look at all those pretty insides!

Take (1) Portabella 6$ burger from Carl's Jr and (1) Bacon Cheeseburger 6$ burger.
Remove bottom bread from one and top bread from other.
Smoosh together.
*note, do not trash talk your ability to finish it for if you do, you will become instantly full and still have 1/2 a ..or rather... 1 burger ...wait... 1/2 of 2 burgers to go.
Also, this was so amazingly delicious.

So many layers of deliciousness

this one had lunchmeat, the other had fried bologna

more mayo as a topper!

Homemade bread, homemade mayo with parm cheese and garlic, lunch meat, fried bologna, cheese, more cheese, more mayo, and eggwhite omlette (so it's healthy) filled with bacon

AHHHAAAAaaaahhhHHHHhhh.. Behold the glory of the Nachos.

Nachoday! chicken, meats or forgotton origin, jalapenos, cheese, more cheese, spices! nummy

and ...this lil piggie is for Bry.

This little piggie is for me.

My piggies! aka, Rice, sauce, cheese, bacon and lil bacon curly tails!

YAY! in case you didnt catch on... our house loves things with cheese on them.

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