Monday, October 4, 2010

Well then!

It's been awhile now hasn't it.With changes happening in the world of The Posh Panda I've decided to go back to the blogs. For a short while I'll be posting the most delicious and photogenic foods from the last year.

Today there is a selection from the last few months. 
 Chicken Parmesan with bacon and sourdough garlic bread.
 Carrot soup with herbs.
 Chicken nuggets with a spicy honey mayo dipping sauce
 Chicken nuggets with onions, fresh herbs baked with garlic butter and drizzled with honey mustard.
 Fried wontons filled with a nutella/PB/honey and strawberry flavoured marshmallow. Light powdered sugar sprinkle and a honey/cocao/cinnamon sauce.
 Pan fried sourdough bread with fresh sage, garlic, butter.
 Bread dough microwaved with egg white and yolk overtop just before serving
 Beef heart fritter served with greek yogurt and frank's hot sauce.
 Semi homemade pizza with deli olives, shallots, vino&formaggio sausage, sweet pepper, mozzerella, goat cheese, and the in the tube pizza dough. Tasted a bit like pizza on a croissant. 
Marinara on penne with meat balls and lots of cheese. The end of birthday dinner that was filled with tastiness.

So tasty I might need to repeat some soon.

Never forget that food is a joy. Deliciousness is not an option. Eat fresh and local and you wont regret it.

-Gourmet Gamer Girl

Monday, September 14, 2009

Quick note

My art based blog is up and I will be going there for the talkings, pic dumps will still happen here. please to excuse, so sleepy. Dream well

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